Moon – a high chair from outer space

First impression of Moon high chair designed by Mima – “wow, this is cool!”. If you are a dad who love sport cars, this streamline and transparent body of high chair could be the closest experiences you can give them about sitting in such beauty. Actually, the egg shape of chair remind kids the womb their used to sit in for 10 months. It brings back safe and comfy feeling for them. A “newborn lounger” is a perfect name for it. But this chair can grows up with your kids till their weight to 45kg or 100 lbs. That’s the average weight of 12 years old kid in North America. The design and color options this high chair can keep this furniture as a collection piece at home for a long time. Just like a sport car.

For parents in North America, you can get it from MimaUSA or QHouseKids (Canada).  You can also find worldwide distributors list from here.

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